The Vision and Business

Today I wanted to talk about something that’s a little different but is important if you want to unlock your potential and have the lifestyle you started the business for.

When we build our business, we focus too much on our ideal client and build a business that doesn’t fit with the lifestyle we want. Why on earth build a business based on services and products that require your attention at all times if you want freedom and time to travel?

The simple way I put it is:

Your business model should be built on your vision and what you need to meet your goals. The content of that service / product is based on your ideal client.

Why would you let someone else dictate your business? What is the point of taking the leap and setting up if your vision, your lifestyle goals are not met?

Take a step back and have a good luck at your business model. Have you built it based on what you want to achieve or what you think your ideal clients need?

Business Model = Your Vision, Your Goals
Content & Messaging = Your Ideal Client

We are taught that your ideal client is key. Everything must evolve around them. That is not true. They are important, yes. They do make a difference and without them you wouldn’t have a business. However, they are interested in content and messaging. Not how your business is built.

Make sure your business model is the road to your vision; the lifestyle you dream of.



Your Vision, Life Goals.

When you start out or reviewing your business, one of the areas you look at is your big why; The reason why you get out of bed every day. But it’s not enough to dream. You need to write it down, understand what it is you want and why. Link the goals to emotions; how will you feel when it happens? What does it mean for those closest to you?

“Do you really understand what you want and why?” Mary Cushen

Life is not always how we plan and by having a good understanding of why we do what we do, you can push through the hard times. It can guide you through the clouds back to safety. When done correctly, it is a powerful tool that helps you in both your business and personal life.

When you build your business, refer back to your life goals. There is no point building a business that requires your times 24/7 if you want more freedom. You won’t get the freedom and will start to regret the business. 


Ideal Client.

Your ideal client, once understood, is your key to content and messaging. You know what type of services/products you want to offer, now you need to work out what they are about.

Are you starting to see the link?

You build the business how you see fit. In a way that will fulfil your lifestyle goals. Then, you take a step back and work out your ideal client. I say take a step back as you want to be focused. If you consider how your business is built, you will limit what you want your ideal client to be without even knowing it.

Once you know your ideal client you can link the content they would be interested to the products and services you want to offer. For example if you decided you want to do a course, low cost membership and limited 1:1’s, you can start mapping the content into each of them.




What was my Vision?

When I started my first business, it was wishy washy. Like most people, I wanted to spend more time with my girls and make money. But that was about it. It wasn’t until I realised that although I had a successful business, I wasn’t happy.

I didn’t love my business any more. Working longer hours than I was in my corporate job just didn’t make sense. However, I wasn’t about to give up. I knew I had to be missing something. After a couple of months I realised what the issue was. I put together a plan, got my strategy together, then rebranded. I was six months into my business at this point.

Once everything was up and running, it was like a new company. I loved every second of it and was having the time I craved to spend with my girls. I never missed a play. We went to the sports days. I even helped out on a school trip. All these wouldn’t have been possible in my corporate job.

So what exactly did I change?

I revisited my why, only this time digging deep (asked myself why at least five times). The adding of the emotion was the deal breaker. It made me feel determined, as if a fire had been light underneath me. If you don’t really understand why you want something, you will never reach your full potential.


Do you need some help with building a business that unlocks your potential and allows you to have the lifestyle you dream of? Take a look at how I could help you or contact me today. I love helping others to achieve their life goals. After all, we are all in the same boat; just a few years apart. Live the life you deserve.