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About AMPH Consulting Limited

AMPH Consulting Limited was created following Mary’s love of working with companies. It was something that always interested her but also provided the challenge she needed. Staying in just one place wasn’t enough. Mary wanted to help as many people as possible, spread her expertise and remove inefficiencies that were costing companies money.

With her passion to help organisations thrive, Mary decided on two routes to focus her expertise: Helping the employees which without, companies would not exist and Order to Cash processes, something Mary and Phil have over forty years of experience in between them. They go hand-in-hand as without a well-formed, motivated and skilled team, processes will not work effectively.

AMPH Consulting Limited was named after our family. When trying to decide on a name, it can become a task instead of something you should be able to relate to. The reason Mary had for starting her first company was her family. It is still the reason today. Having the time to spend with them and watching their girls grow up is important to them. Naming this business after them reminders Mary and Phil every day why they do what they do.


A = Annabel M = Mary P = Phil H = Hope


When deciding on which consulting business to use in your company, it is important to check that their vision, mission and values align with yours. Choosing a consultancy that has similar values means you are more likely to have similar ways of working and goals. It can also help to reduce the risk of conflicts during the consultation period.



Vision | Mission | Values

If you don’t know what matters to us or drives us to succeed, how would you know we are right for you? When choosing a consultancy, you need to ensure what drives them, their passion, lines up with what you are trying to achieve. We share with you our Vision, Mission and Values. We have nothing to hide and cannot wait to hear your company vision.

Vision: Spreading the Power of Synergy: Working together to bring an end to wasted resources and limited knowledge across England and Wales.

Mission: To design solutions that create a way of working that reduces waste, streamlines processes, shares and expands knowledge within organisations. Build a community where resources are shared and knowledge is never lost. A place where everyone loves their work.


Integrity: We’re honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word. We work hard to build relationships and get to know your company on a personal level.

Personal Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. If we are not accountable, who is. Everyone should take responsibility for their actions, and learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Passion: We use our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others. When you are passionate about your work, it shows. Others feel the energy and pull from it to get them through the tough days.

Innovation: We challenge the status quo, reach beyond boundaries and experiment. The world never stands still and neither do we. We are always looking for new and better ways to enhance efficiency and increase effectiveness.




About Mary Cushen (MInstLM)

In short, I’m a self-professed workaholic. With twin girls and two businesses, I seamlessly manage to make everything run like clockwork. I frequently get asked if I’m superwomen or mad – It’s probably a bit of both.

With over twenty years in the corporate world, I have seen what works and what doesn’t. Although the past fourteen years have been spent in utilities, I have worked in a range of industries including hospitality, taxi operation, banking, manufacturing, oil industry, printing and several more. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies, such as National Grid, Barclays, RBS, Wincanton and DHL. Over the years, I have trained 1000’s of staff members and mentored new starters, mainly in the Order to Cash Space.

I love working with companies. The challenge that every contract will be different. Each unique client or project pushes me to new boundaries, driving me to exceed beyond expectations. All companies have different environments, different priorities; meaning every contract taken is bespoke to the client in-hand. You have my full attention at all times.

I am a full member of the Institute of leadership and Management, an Agile Practitioner and a certified NLP Practitioner along with various other qualifications. Each of these adds skills to my toolbox that, when used together, create something magical.


About Phil Cushen (MCICM Grad)

The second half of AMPH Consulting is the hubby, Phil Cushen. Still rather camera shy but I will get a picture soon! He has joined the company to add his wealth of Credit Management experience to our consulting clients. Phil focusing more on the Order to Cash Specialist side.

Phil is an active member of the Institute of Credit Management (ICM) and has over thirty years in Credit Management. Working within the Utilities sector for the last twenty three years, Phil has also worked in Entertainment (distribution), Electrical Engineering and Manufacturing. He has worked for companies such as Cadent, National Grid, ABB, BMG and Armitage Shanks.



Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Rumi (Poet)

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