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Employees Are The Energy Of Your Business


When your employees energy is low, your business productivity will slow. Here at AMPH, we understand how important people are and help you keep them motivated by showing them they are important, instead of just a number.

Employee Development

Show your Employees they are more than a number by encouraging and supporting Employee Development in your organisation. Fuel their motivation and increase productivity. We offer group and individual coaching for Employees and Line Managers to identify the right development path for each individual.

Redundancy Support

There may be a time when redundancy is required in your organisation. Show your employees that they are still valued and you want to support them onto new pastures. We offer group and individual coaching services for organisations that what something extra to support their redundancy packages.

Team Morale

Highly productive teams consist of team members that understand each other and value their differences. We help build up team morale and understanding using coaching techniques to create unique bonds between members, improving the productivity and support within the team.

AMPH Consulting Ltd

Our Story

Our business is built and run on love and knowledge. Between us, we have over sixty years experience in the corporate world, including over five years of running businesses.

We know how important it is to have employees that are motivated and happy in their job. Here at AMPH, we want to stop the generic business models and bring something that makes people line up to join your company and want to stay.

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