Here are just a few of the lovely testimonials past clients have shared with me:


Anita F. – Glittering Copy

“Before working with Mary, I was confused to what direction to take my business. I had the ideas but no direction. After the session I was clear on my direction (I had a decision to make), had clarity and the confidence to move forward. Mary completely understood my business and situation.

I am so grateful for Mary’s help. She saw everything so clearly and her advice helped me to make a decision and move forward with confidence. She’s an impressive woman.


Naomi G. – Entrepreneur

“I can honestly say without the help I received from Mary during our 1 to 1 sessions, my business would not have been born. With her constant support and advice she has helped me gain confidence in the business world and break down all the jargon into easy manageable chunks.

From our very first meeting to 4 months later she has given the same high quality attention and advice that only a professional could give.

Like any good teacher, she doesn’t just tell you what to do, she gives you the why behind it so you can fully appreciate how you are developing your business. She has taken the time to get to know me meaning she can tailor her teachings to my learning style, helping me get the most out of each session.”


Katy W. – Warriner Leather Works

“When I started with Mary, I was passionate about my business but felt confused as to how to progress from the brick wall I had hit. Mary took the time to fully understand my business and provide information that would help me move forward.

Mary gave me clarity, focus and direction. She has given me the tools to put a business mind on and get a plan in to place to take my business further.”


Jess S. – The Wedding Help

“Fabulous session with Mary – informative and useful executed in a lovely and helpful manner. I learnt so much and can’t wait to get starter on my plans! Thank you Mary – highly recommend.”


Mercedes – 4YaParty Weddings & Events

“Had a coaching meeting with Mary about my wedding business and it was amazing, she is an expert in her field and gave me loads of points to work on my business which I have implemented and seen growth! Definitely recommend her to anyone needing a business coach.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

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