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Marketing | Strategy | Mindset

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Running your own business should be fun. Your passion drives success. However, without marketing plans and strategies, business can be tough. It can take longer to reach your goal; you may not reach your goal. As your passion starts to fade, you start to doubt your ability. Strategies help to keep you on track and focus your attention. Marketing plans ensure you know what you are marketing, when and how.

When we work together, I take the time to understand your needs, your environment and the three key areas – Strategy, Marketing and Mindset. We create a plan of action, bespoke to your company. Professionally executed. Delivered flawlessly.

Group Coaching

If individual coaching is not for you or you prefer to be part of a community, group coaching could be perfect. My group coaching is made up of fifteen individuals all on the same path. 

1-2-1 Coaching

The focus is on you and your business. I learn about your business and your current needs, then work on a plan that gets you where you want to be. Each plan is built around the client in hand. No two companies are the same, so why would the coaching?


One or two day workshops focusing on a single objective. This could be a certain strategy, marketing plan, Facebook ads or one of the many other topics focusing on Marketing, Strategy or Mindset.

Marketing | Strategy | Mindset

Mary Cushen

With over twenty years in the corporate world, I have seen what has worked and what doesn’t. I have worked in a range of industries including hospitality, taxi operation, oil industry (my parents company), printing and several more. Most recently, I have spent just over eleven years in utilities. I have trained 100’s of staff members and mentored new starters. This is where my passion lies.

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“With her constant support and advice, Mary has helped me gain confidence in the business world and break down all the jargon into easy manageable chunks.”

Naomi Ganjavi, The Crafty Wedding Company

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