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Be part of a group of fifteen like-minded individuals on the same path. Coaching and a mastermind in one.

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Group Coaching

If individual coaching is not for you or you prefer to be part of a community, group coaching could be perfect. My group coaching is made up of fifteen individuals all on the same path. It’s a cross between coaching and a mastermind as I believe the community is as important.

There will be an opportunity to attend a bi-monthly meet-up where I will host a training session on a subject you all need assistance with, as well as hot seats, giving everyone the opportunity to discuss their current pain points.

Length and Investment

Group coaching is for six months. It’s a mix of online and in-person to give you the opportunity to network. The current cost is £3,500 or £6,000 for the VIP option. Contact me for more information or register your interest below.


My coaching is underpinned by my values – Integrity, Personal Accountability, Passion and Innovative. I provide you with a safe place to think, reflect and change, whilst offering the right level of challenge; supporting individuals outside their comfort zone. I provide practical tips, tools, techniques and advice to move you all forward. 


Group coaching is for six months. During this time, each month there will be one hot seat call (two people per call) and one meetup every two months. There is also private Facebook group for support and weekly accountability. The calls and meetups are arranged once the group starts (with the exception of the first meetup) so you have a say to what days and times are preferred.


How Group Coaching Works


The community is as important as the coaching itself. A mastermind is all about the collective, not an individual. This means I operate an application process for group coaching. Don’t worry it’s only a short questionnaire, but means if you are accepted, the values of participants are similar to yours.

Getting Started

Once accepted, you will be given the next available start date. If you want to proceed, contracts will be signed and you will be added to the private FB group. The coaching itself starts with a meetup. It is key to meet everyone right at the beginning wherever possible as it helps create a strong community and sets the tone to the coaching. The meetup is the official day one of the six months.

Progress and Next Steps

To make the most of the coaching, it’s best to attend the meetups and any online sessions live. It isn’t always possible as life can have other plans, but staying active in the group will ensure you don’t miss out. At the end of the six months, everyone gets a personal 1-hour Zoom session to discuss their next steps. No-one is left not knowing what to do next.

Jess Sharpe

Fabulous booster session with Mary – informative and useful. Excecuted in a lovely and helpful manner. I learnt so much and can’t wait to get started on my plans! Thank you Mary – highly recommend.

From Mary Cushen

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We all want the best for our company. Being motivated every day, loving our work and wanting to do our part for the company. The systems enabling us not holding us back or hampering progress. Processes are streamlined and making the most of the skills and ambitions of our people.

Sometimes, we need an outside view. Someone impartial to tell us what’s working and where improvements are needed. To grow a successful company and maintain a healthy environment, our processes, people and systems all need to be in sync. From inside, we cannot always see what is in front of us.

This is where I can help.