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Keeping up with the expectations of your customers can be a never-ending cycle.You need your customer journey mapped out with the processes, systems and people involved. This gives you a view of where efficiencies can be made, increasing productivity and delighting your customers. 

When we work together, I take the time to understand your needs, your environment and the three key areas – Process, Systems and People. We create a plan of action, bespoke to your company. Professionally executed. Delivered flawlessly.


Sometimes having someone from the outside looking in is the best way to go. I come in, get to know your business and customers, map out current processes and document my recommendations. I can stay to help make those changes or you can manage them in-house. Either way, you will have a clear plan detailing the increase in production when changes are made.


When you have a great team that just needs a bit of guidance on best practices, training is the answer. Training is designed for your company and covers what you and your team need.

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Mary Cushen

With over twenty years in the corporate world, I have seen what has worked and what doesn’t. I have worked in a range of industries including hospitality, taxi operation, oil industry (my parents company), printing and several more. Most recently, I have spent just over eleven years in utilities. I have trained 100’s of staff members and mentored new starters. This is where my passion lies.

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“With her constant support and advice, Mary has helped me gain confidence in the business world and break down all the jargon into easy manageable chunks.”

Naomi Ganjavi, The Crafty Wedding Company

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