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Comprehensive business reviews for companies of all sizes. Understand your current stance in processes, people and systems.


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Business Reviews

Business reviews are one of my favourite things to do. It allows me to get to know your business personally and provide you with key feedback that will keep your company growing.

My reviews are suitable for all companies. One of my only services that is. The reason being is that I love seeing all the diversity out there.

These reviews are not a two-hour Zoom call that can get a bit wishy-washy and irrelevant to what your company does. These business reviews include me coming to YOUR premises for a day to see exactly what YOU do. I get to know your company, understand your vision, look at what’s in place already, then go away and come up with suggestions and feedback based on what I learnt about your company.

How it Works

You complete the application form and arrange a quick 30-minute call to discuss your application. If we are both happy, the contracts are drawn up and signed then a date agreed for me to attend your premises.


We are proud of our client experience and always look in to ways to improve our customer journey. Our commitment to you is that we will work to our values and remain professional at all times. We have all the relevant insurances and experience to deliver a service that excels. 

Business Growth

Every growth in business is different but the process you need to go through to ensure you are ready is the same.

When you are planning to move your business to the next level, going through the process of checking your current processes, people and systems ensure you can grow with ease; confident that you and your team and cope with everything that will come your way.

My Most Popular Service

Business Reviews

No matter where you are in business or how many employees you have, it is important to understand where you stand when it comes to processes, people and systems.

AMPH Consulting Limited come in and get to know your business. We want to understand everything so we can ensure your success continues. Nobody wants to grow their business then find they are constantly firefighting as they cannot cope with the current setup. All three areas are looked at together. Taking just one and assessing it in silo will not give a true picture of your current or future standing.


Business Reviews are normally the first step to working with me. They let you see how I work and the value I bring, without making a long term commitment. They are also comprehensive enough to stand on their own and show you where work needs to happen if you don’t have the budget for longer term support. 

My business reviews are £1,500 (for up to ten employees). Depending on where you are based, travel costs may be applicable but you will know during the application call. Payment can be split into two, however, both payments must be received before I come to your business. You can complete the application form here.

If you have more than ten employees, the difference is that I would spend more time in your business and I may need longer to evaluate the data. Because of this, the fee will be provided once I know a few more details on your company.

So What Are They?
  • I come to your business for one day (six hours).
  • One hour of us talking about your business; vision, mission, goals for the year, structure.
  • One hour of you or one of your team discussing what processing you have within the business.
  • 30 minutes meeting your team and letting me know where I can find key information.
  • The rest of the day is where I get to work and assess your current situation.
    • I’ll check what processes you have documented and when they were last reviewed.
    • I look at your structure, roles and what each person is doing.
    • I take a look at your systems (where possible) and what they are used for.

After the day in your business, I get to work analysing the data I collected. I may ask if I can send a questionnaire for your employees to complete (it will be anonymous) but you can refuse this. Around a week after my visit, we have a two-hour Zoom call (face-to-face can be arranged if preferred) to go through my findings and recommendations.

If sounds like what you need, you can complete the application form here.

From Mary Cushen

Processes | Systems | People

Working across different industries and different sized companies, lets you see what works in certain circumstances but not in others. I started out working for my parents at a young age of 12. Their small business was in the oil industry and I learnt a lot there around the basics of what holds a business together. However, I also learnt how quickly things can fall apart; especially when it’s something out of your hands.

It is important to take your processes, systems and people seriously. It is imperative to understand your ‘what if’ scenarios. No-one knows what is around the corner but by having the right understanding about your company, you can withstand most situations thrown at you.

Business Consulting gives you the opportunity to have the expertise you need with the added benefit of them being an outsider. Too many times we only see what we want to see when it’s our company. An outsider has no connection to the current situation and, while providing business consulting services, is able to provide a view you may not have considered.

If you are a coach or consultant, why not see how I could help you protect your success while growing.