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Increasing Productivity, improving Employee Satisfaction and excelling in Customer Service.

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Business Consulting

Every company is different. Each face unique and complex challenges; successful businesses understand their uniqueness and the challenges they face.

It is crucial to keep the three key areas in sync. If processes are inefficient, employees will feel overworked and devalued; impacting on well-being and their commitment to the company.

Should systems be complex or not regularly reviewed, the company will be spending more money than needed to run day-to-day tasks. Overall, performance and satisfaction will be down.

The Way We Work

We sit down with you to understand your company priorities and the challenges you currently face. It consists of us asking a lot of questions but it’s our listening and interpretation skills that make the difference.

It is important to understand your short and long term plans so we can develop a service that will support you immediately and in the future.


We are proud of our client experience and always look in to ways to improve our customer journey. Our commitment to you is that we will work to our values and remain professional at all times.

We have all the relevant insurances and experiences to deliver a service that excels.


Working in a range of industries gives you the opportunity to see everything that’s going on. From the things that work to those that need a little more thought.

Our expertise brings the knowledge and ability to assess your current processes, systems and people to enhance productivity, employee commitment and customer satisfaction.

Business Consulting

Every company can improve productivity, employee well-being and customer satisfaction. Sometimes it is hard to see the wood through trees when you are there every day; this is where we come in. As an outsider, we ask the questions most people assume the answer to. We ask for the information that backs the answer and challenge the norm. AMPH want your company to be the best it can when it comes to Processes, Systems and People.


If you haven’t reviewed your processes in at least the past year, the chances are the processes are stale and do not reflect the company changes that may have happened.

Taking time to review the processes end-to-end may not be on your agenda but inefficient processes can lead to longer lead times for customers, unsatisfied employees and higher costs.


It’s not all about the old systems, although this does lead to lower productivity and higher costs. If you have had a recently new system, have employees been trained sufficiently?

Do they know where they can get support if it’s needed? It doesn’t matter how old (or new) your system is, it will still have an impact on productivity and satisfaction overall.


With the increased visibility and concern around mental health, it is important to have your employees considered in every change that happens. If you have a high staff turnover or an increase in staff sickness, it could be the sign something is not quite right.

You cannot just jump straight in though. If it’s high staff turnover, when are the majority leaving? Is it people that have started within the past year, long-standing employees or those that have just become parents for example. Without the information, the correct course of action cannot be determined.

From Mary Cushen

Processes | Systems | People

Working across different industries and different sized companies, lets you see what works in certain circumstances but not in others. I started out working for my parents at a young age of 12. Their company was in the oil industry and I learnt a lot there around the basics of what holds a business together. However, I also learnt how quickly things can fall apart; especially when it’s something out of your hands.

It is important to take your processes, systems and people seriously. It is imperative to understand your ‘what if’ scenarios. No-one knows what is around the corner but by having the right understanding about your company, you can withstand most situations thrown at you.

Business Consulting gives you the opportunity to have the expertise you need with the added benefit of them being an outsider. Too many times we only see what we want to see when it’s our company. An outsider has no connection to the current situation and, while providing business consulting services, is able to provide a view you may not have considered.