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Business Consultancy Services

It doesn’t matter what your business is, at some point a workshop or training will be required. However, so many are not efficient and follow-up sessions are needed; wasting time and resources. Our business consultancy services help businesses get it right the first time by providing training on various workshop and training subjects, along with offering our facilitation services.

We work with our clients to identify the type of workshop or training they need, the outcome and how it will all be measured at the end. Holding a great workshop or training session but using the incorrect approach will have the same outcome as a mediocre session. Chances are, the outcome required is not achieved to the level needed and no measurements have been put it place. Our business consultancy services make sure you not only have effective sessions but that they can be monitored and measured going forward. Without the right KPI’s in place, you will not know the effectiveness of your training nor how efficient your workshops are. Can you say how many workshops you have hosted and if their objective was met?

There are various reasons to hold a workshop or training session and a right way to do them. Take a look below at some of the services we offer our clients. We offer support, training and facilitation for various workshops and training sessions. The common subjects include:

  • Decision Workshops
  • Requirement Gathering Workshops
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions
  • Training Design & Delivery


What We Offer

We are proud of our business consultancy services. Here at AMPH Consulting Limited, it is all about you. Everything is built to your requirements and suited to your business. The services below are to give you an idea what we can help with. In terms of fees, there is a minimum charge of £750 exc. VAT per day (six hours) plus travel expenses (where applicable). The final fee will depend on the work required and length of the contract.

Consulting Services

Some companies know what to do and what they want to achieve but need some guidance around the best way to approach it so resources are maximised. Our consulting services give you access to our expertise, either on a one-off basis or monthly retainer.


Have everything ready for the workshop but don’t have the right skills in your company to facilitate effectively or need an impartial leader? We can provide facilitation only services where you need someone to keep things on track to achieve the outcome desired.


We offer training in Workshop Facilitation, Credit Management, Requirements Gathering and Business Analysis Basics. We also offer bespoke training around communication, goal setting and confidence in the workplace; all are important when it comes to effective workshops.

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Bespoke Service


All of our business consultancy services are built with your company in mind. The subjects may be the same, but the content and delivery will vary client to client. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that exceeds expectations and look forward to forming long term relationships with companies across England and Wales.

Some clients request for bespoke content to be created based on their standard operating procedures and ask us to sit with the staff who hold the expertise they want to extract to share with others. On the other side, we have clients that ask us to create training material based on our own experience and expertise.

Every contract is different so nothing is impossible. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, so do ask us anything. We have also worked with projects within companies to create the standard operating procedures along with training material and deliver it inline with the project timescales; leaving the project team to concentrate on the project delivery.

When choosing a consultancy for your company, pick a company that shares similar values, one you can connect with. Having similar values helps to ensure you are not jeopardising your company image and can reduce the number of conflicts that arise later down the line. By working with AMPH Consulting Limited, you are guaranteed a professional and someone that has your company at the heart of our service. We are proud of what we do and cannot wait to talk to you.


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